Gear With Goals

When you buy any BGB apparel, you can feel good knowing that a portion of your money spent will be put toward a project that provides a cleaner environment, improved recreational facilities for future generations, and other projects that will leave our Earth better than how we found it!

BGB's Active Project

We will be raising money for an Asheville Downtown Clean Up & Give Back. 10% of all revenue will be directly put towards food & water to bundle & distribute to the less fortunate. Along with that, a small portion will go towards trash bags & gloves to gather all of the scattered trash around Asheville. Help us help our local communities!

Building a Community of like-minded individuals with a drive for Environmental Change!

Partnered with local businesses to help support and promote growth within our community!

21% of profit put into projects focused on Environmental Change & Recreational Improvements!

Nominate a Project!

Please nominate any project that you think could use BGB's help. Nothing is too big or too small. This could range from a stolen snowboard all the way up to a new greenway! Let us know how we can help by including a detail description of how we can help, a location if relevant, and why we should choose it to be the next BGB Active Project. Thanks! For any questions or additional submissions, please email

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