About us

The Story Behind BGB

During the Winter of 2021, I was working at Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock, NC. While at work, I noticed a sign up in the lobby about a 12 year old snowboarder who's board was stolen. This young snowboarder was very passionate and extremely involved with App Ski's snowboard club. He saved up all his money to purchase a high quality, nice Nitro Snowboard. As an older boarder, one of my priorities is to look out for the younger generation. So I decided to go to our local board shop, Recess, located in Boone, NC where he had his board bought and set up. The employees of Recess seemed very enthusiastic to help, however, they were sadly sold out of the youth snowboards. I took it upon myself to search the web and try to find his specific snowboard and binding set up. After a couple hours of searching, I was able to find to find a bundle on eBay that included the same board as well as the same bindings for just shy of $400. As much as I wanted to pull the trigger, at the time, it was something I could not afford.

I took my goal to Instagram. I made a post on my story mentioning, "If 38 people donated $10 each, we would be able to get Daniel back on his snowboard!" Due to the amazing nature of the snow-sports community, within the first hour, we had already raise half the money we needed to buy Daniel's new board. After a two days of making my post, I had enough to buy Daniel's board, plus an additional $100. Since Daniel was such a big Recess fan, and they were so eager to help, I decided to use the additional $100 to get Daniel a new backpack, some recess swag and stickers, as well as a board lock so he wouldn't have to go through this again. The last thing to do was to surprise Daniel with his new board.  

On a snowy Saturday morning...

Daniel came to the mountain, with his Mom who worked in App Ski Mtn's office. I met with her prior to meeting with Daniel. I hid the snowboard, and then we called him into the office. I introduced myself, and mentioned how I heard about his snowboard being stolen, and said that I am sorry he had to go through that. I then presented him with the backpack. He started checking out all the goods hidden in the backpack starting with the stickers, then the Recess sunglasses, followed by the t-shirt. The last thing Daniel pulled out of the bag was the snowboard lock. He turned to his Mom extremely excited about the lock and all the cool items, and as he turned back toward me, he noticed the new snowboard in my hands. He dropped the bag due to shock! Daniel was almost in tears. I've never seen anyone so grateful in my life! We ended up taking a few laps through the terrain park later that day. He told me when his board was stolen, he almost wanted to give up snowboarding. However, he also talked about how it was his dream to become a professional snowboarder, and how he was excited to help teach his siblings and friends, and eventually pass on his new board he just got to his younger sibling when he outgrew it! It made me so happy to see how bright the future was for the sport and how great the snow-sports community really is! Once I saw the amazing impact that the community can have when we work together as well as how grateful Daniel was for all we did for him, I wanted to continue to do good and set an example of how we can create a brighter future. So I developed BGB with the intentions of creating a brand that people could get behind. A brand that people could find a sense of community in. A brand where we can give back and solve problems. A brand that sells gear with goals! A brand called BGB.